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We are a church that places worship at the center of our lives as Christians.


There are regular and diverse bible study programs for everyone. Spiritual, fun and always welcoming events and experiences to share and enjoy.

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The Samaritans Homeless Interim Program (SHIP)

SHIP is a faith based, interfaith and community funded, assisted and supported, grassroots organization. SHIP was established in 1984 and has since served over 100,000 people.

SHIP does many things to support the Somerville, NJ area. Some of the services they offer are: housing/shelter, counseling services, medical clinic, SHIP's Galley Soup Kitchen, mobile soup kitchen and brown bag lunches. They also have a food pantry, picnic area and many other services.


How the Neshanic United Methodist Church Supports SHIP

We currently support SHIP in two ways:

  • All year long the congregation makes 10-12 casseroles per month. We freeze them and deliver them to SHIP. These casseroles are served on SHIP's Mobile Soup Kitchen.
  • During the summer, June, July and August we serve a picnic once a month at the SHIP facility in Somerville. Behind the SHIP building is a picnic area called Tic Tocks Grove. The congregation prepares the food and also serves the picnic. We usually serve between 50 and 70 people. The picnics are usually well supported by the congregation.